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pdf 10 Stories of Hope-booklet Popular

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The transformation that only Jesus brings was spreading like wildfire through the Indiana prison. A dorm full of gang members, drug dealers, and murderers had become known as the “God-dorm.” This was a gospel movement made up of prisoners who were finding and following Jesus and it was changing their lives. It all began with one prison inmate who asked to meet with "Papa Phil" (who uses the 10 Stories of Hope-tool)...

pdf 10 Stories of Hope Popular

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10 Scripture discoveries on hope that is found in Jesus. Great tool to use with pre-believers who are far from God. This list is also called the "10 Stories of Hope".

pdf 54 Discoveries for Seed Communities Popular

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Urban Seed Discoveries by Jim Yost - very comprehensive.
- 9 Major categories
- 6 Felt need issues per category
- 6 Studies per felt need
- Well-suited to urban environments

pdf Discovering Leadership Together Popular

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16 Practices of effective disciple-making leaders - a guideline for leaders in training. Easy read, interactive and discovery format.

pdf 50 Commands of Christ Popular

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Discover 50 direct commands of Jesus in the gospels. Grow in your love for him.
"If you love me, you will obey my commandments." (John 14:15)

pdf Creation to Christ (short version) Popular

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From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List by David Watson. 26 Scripture discoveries.

pdf Jesus launches a team Popular

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What was the first thing Jesus did in his ministry? He launched a team. Discover how Jesus launched and mentored his team through the 8 Step Team Cycle.

pdf Creation to Christ Popular

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"The Bible in a nutshell" - 47 discovery passages in 5 categories. Great for use with pre-believers with whom disciple makers have little or nothing in common. Categories include Stories of the Beginning, Stories of Abraham, Stories of the Prophets, Stories of Jesus, The Early Gatherings of Believers.

pdf Discovering God Together Popular

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A guideline for leading new groups. Discover how to lead a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). Learn how to fascilitate the discovery journey for pre-believers.

pdf Ontdek God Saam Popular

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Afrikaans translation of "Discovering God together".

pdf Discovery Scriptures for Urban Cultures Popular

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"God is closer than you think!" This discovery Bible study is designed for use with city dwellers who are far from God.

pdf Discovering Obedience Popular

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22 Discovery passages on obedience. David Watson on obedience: "God’s love language for us is mercy and grace. We cannot show mercy and grace to God, so our love language for God is different than His love language for us. Jesus clearly taught in John 14 and 15 that mankind’s love language for God is obedience. God loved us first and it is demonstrated in His mercy and grace. Our love response to God is obedience. There is always a danger that obedience can turn to legalism. Obedience is motivated by our love for God.”

pdf Honor & Shame Popular

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26 Scripture discoveries designed for Honor & Shame cultures. "These passages are meant to draw our attention to... the significance of Jesus’ ministry and the power of the gospel to redress shame and to restore honor."

pdf Prayer in the Bible Popular

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25 Stories in the Bible of how people prayed... and changed their world.

pdf Healings in the Bible Popular

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The Kingdom that Jesus declared was not mere talk, but was embodied through spectacular miracles. Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick people they found. This was clearly a supernatural action of God’s power flowing through them. We need to look out for needs amongst the people we are going to and then trust God to work through us to meet those needs. Explore 17 Scripture discoveries in the Old and New Testaments on healing.

pdf Biblical Worldview for Children Popular

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For children! 10 Scripture discoveries to help them form a Biblical worldview.

pdf Power Encounters Popular

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20 Cases of supernatural encounters the New Testament. The spiritual realm is real. Disciple makers can prepare themselves in the Scriptures and prayer to win the battle against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Galatians 6:12).

pdf Idolatry Popular

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15 Bible discovery scriptures on the topic of idolatry.

pdf Witchcraft and Sorcery Popular

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Discovery scriptures on witchcraft and sorcery. 13 Discovery passages.

audio David Watson's testimony (90 min mp3) Popular

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David Watson is known for his pioneering DMM work among the Bhojpuri in north India. In 1994 there were fewer than 100 000 Bhojpuri Christians. In 2009, according to an external audit, the number has grown to 4 million. In this 90 min mp3 you will hear him tell his testimony.