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audio David Watson's testimony (90 min mp3) Popular

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David Watson is known for his pioneering DMM work among the Bhojpuri in north India. In 1994 there were fewer than 100 000 Bhojpuri Christians. In 2009, according to an external audit, the number has grown to 4 million. In this 90 min mp3 you will hear him tell his testimony.

pdf Creation to Christ Popular

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"The Bible in a nutshell" - 47 discovery passages in 5 categories. Great for use with pre-believers with whom disciple makers have little or nothing in common. Categories include Stories of the Beginning, Stories of Abraham, Stories of the Prophets, Stories of Jesus, The Early Gatherings of Believers.

pdf Creation to Christ (short version) Popular

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From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List by David Watson. 26 Scripture discoveries.

pdf Discovering God Together Popular

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A guideline for leading new groups. Discover how to lead a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). Learn how to fascilitate the discovery journey for pre-believers.

pdf What about groups? Popular

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"Groups, or Discovery Groups, are one of the pillars of building a movement. Groups are the place where we take people who are far from God and help them on a journey of discovering who God is to the place where the entire group of people come to a place where they want to serve him and they want to follow Jesus..." Article by David Broodryk. Watch the video here.

pdf Discovering a Lifestyle of Generosity Popular

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These 10 discovery sessions by Roy Wingerd are designed to instill the DNA of Generosity into first generation believers and first generation gatherings - just like it happened in the first church. The importance of these sessions is to help participants understand God’s giving nature. God’s love in us can be seen, and even measured, in our love for others around us.

The New Testament church had five things they did consistently, beginning on the day the church was born: Worship, Fellowship, Nurture, Mission and Giving. The story in Acts 2:41-47 clearly shows that these five things were an immediate response to believing in Jesus… they were not eventual characteristics of true disciples.