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pdf How did you get into movement?

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David Broodryk tells how he got involved in movements of the gospel.

pdf How do you support a movement?

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Building mentoring systems, cross-talk systems and adaptive peer learning systems are some of the ways to support movements of the gospel. Read David Broodryks' take on how to support movements.

pdf What about Gatherings?

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"A gathering is a completely different kind of church to what most of us understand or know. So let me describe what a gathering basically is..." Read more here in this article by David Broodryk. Watch the video here.

pdf What about groups?

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"Groups, or Discovery Groups, are one of the pillars of building a movement. Groups are the place where we take people who are far from God and help them on a journey of discovering who God is to the place where the entire group of people come to a place where they want to serve him and they want to follow Jesus..." Article by David Broodryk. Watch the video here.

pdf Why cities?

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"Is our current missionary mindset perhaps causing us to lose the opportunity to reach 70% of the world’s population!?" Article by David Broodryk on the importance of urban DMM strategies.